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Other COURSE Offerings

From time to time other courses will be offered by KBI, the following is a list of those courses:

Christianity, Cults, and Other Religions-- as Christians we need to know what we believe.  This study will teach you what the Bible says about God, Jesus, Salvation and more.  Comparison to the teachings of other religions and cults.  Covers Mormonism, Jehovah Witness, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and more.


Four Views of the End Times explores the differing ideas that divide believers into four major points of view concerning the end times.  This study tackles Dispensational  Pre-Millennialism, Post-Millennialism, Historic Pre-Millennialism and A-Millennialism.  For each view the objective study includes simple definitions, explanation and discuss supporting Scriptures.


The Old Testament Tabernacle  is a wonderful study of how a holy and loving God reaches out to sinful imperfect people.  The study will help you understand worship and so much more, especially how the tabernacle reveals the Messiah.


The Old Testament Temple study Solomon temple, the .Post-Exilic temple, and Herod’s temple-the temple of Jesus day.


Spiritual Warfare and the Armor of God  will equip you to understand the whole area of Spiritual Warfare and how as a Christian you can be effective through prayer and protection in breaking through the enemy’s strongholds and territory.


Islam and Christianity  covers the founder, dates, and important Islamic events, salvation, and paradise, who God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are to Muslims, key writings and scriptures, the role of women, the prophets, practices and rituals.


Evangelizing the Cults is a study on understanding the most popular cults and their beliefs and how to open the door to witness to them in love.


Feasts of the Bible , God commanded Israel to observe these feasts and holy days as memorials to the great things he had done.  These are holidays that Jesus observed all through his life, learn  how important they are to the Messiah’s return to earth.


Great Doctrines of the Christian Faith covers the trinity, virgin birth, resurrection, ascension, atonement, redemption, forgiveness, repentance, faith, assurance, justification, sanctification, regeneration, second coming of Christ. 

Discipleship of  New Believers will help the congregation to develop an effective discipleship ministry for new believers.


The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Lost Gospels discover how the scrolls help prove the accuracy of bible translation, and how the Gospel is reliable.


Spiritual Gifting and Spiritual Fruit a sane and biblical balance approach to this often confusing subject.  Both must be studied together to appreciate their importance.


Celebration of Spiritual Disciplines , a path to deep spiritual growth, a study of the inward, outward and corporate disciples of the life of Jesus and the early church.


The Cry for Spiritual Fathers and Mothers, a study designed to challenge believers to both have and become spiritual parents.


Training for Church Leadership describe a model of church leadership that communicates the family character of the church as teams of servant leaders give healthy oversight to the church and members are empowered in ministry. (12 sessions)



Dr. Gibson offers these seminars studies for congregations of all sizes and denominations.  Seminars are available for Sunday evenings or Saturday morning sessions.  Offerings for Keystone Bible Institute are requested for each class session to cover time and expense.