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2018 Fall Term List of Course Offerings

WEEK of September 3-November 29, 2018

All Classes will be held at the West Campus-

Pathway Community Church

1731 West Philadelphia Street, West York


Tuesday Day-10am to Noon

(   )  Christianity, Cults, and World Religions

Instructor: Dr. Ken Gibson

Date: Tuesday Mornings 10am to Noon. (2 hours)

Duration: Eight Weeks: September 11-October 30, 2018.

Description of Course: Know what you believe and why! Learn about the most common world religions and cults and how they compare to Christianity. These religious groups will be studied: Jehovah’s Witness, Mormonism, Easter Spirituality such as Hinduism, Buddhism and the New Age as well as Islam.

Curriculum: Christianity, Cults and Religions from Rose Bible Basics, and a dvd participant guide.

Cost for the course: The $115 includes your books and any handouts. That’s about $18 a week for instruction and material. A bargain in today’s education world.

Attendance/Homework: On time attendance is expected throughout the eight weeks, and all homework assignments are due as stated. A certificate will be awarded for those who complete the course.

Weekly Class Schedule

September 11

Definitions, Discernment and Defending the Faith

September 18

Essential Christian Doctrines-Key Beliefs of Christianity

September 25

Jehovah’s Witnesses-History, founder, practices, beliefs, and do’s and don’ts

October 2

Mormonism: History, founder, practices, beliefs, do’s and don’ts

October 9

Eastern Spirituality: Hinduism, Buddhism

October 16

Eastern Spirituality: New Age

October 23 and 30


Thursday Day-10am to Noon

       (   )The Feasts of Israel, 8 weeks, 
begins September 13-November 1, Cost is $115 plus books and handouts

Instructor:  Dr. Kenneth R. Gibson

Contact Information: (717) 968-5521 or  [email protected], web.

Class Meetings: Thursday mornings, 10am to Noon 8 weeks

Required Texts:  Your personal copy of a study bible, 3 ring binder, pens and markers. Feasts of the Bible DVD participant guide will be provided.

Course Objective:  Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to identify the feasts of the Bible by name, purpose, time of year, and prophetic meaning and appropriate Scriptural references.

Course Description:  The course is divided into eight weekly lessons that will involve viewing a DVD while reading in the student participant guide, and then discussing the material presented.  A take-home exam follows each of the lessons.

Course Cost: $115 includes the course and all the resource materials.

Weekly Class Schedule:

September 13 Session 1: Sabbath Rest: the theme of God’s redemptive program. By Dr. Sam Nadler, in addition the viewing of The Promise of the Messiah from the Torah and the viewing of Rest, Remembrance and Renewal by Day of Discovery.

For September 20-Session 2 Feast of Passover, Unleavened Bread, and First fruits -Our Lamb for Eternity by Dr. Sam Nadler, then viewing Part 2 Passover-Day of Discovery.

For September 27-Session 3 Pentecost, The Birthday of the Body of Messiah, by Dr. Sam Nadler, viewing of DVD Pentecost by Day of Discovery.

For October 4-Session 4 Feast of Trumpets-Getting ready for the Gathering by Dr. Sam Nadler, and viewing of The Promise of the Messiah from the Prophets, Day of Discovery

For October 11-Session 5 The Feast of Atonement-Entering the Presence of God, by Dr. Sam Nadler, also viewing The Promise of the Messiah in Psalms. Day of Discovery.

For October 18-Session 6 Feasts of Tabernacles-God’s Finale Rally, by Dr. Sam Nadler, also viewing Appointed Times: Tabernacles by Day of Discovery.

For October 25-Study of Feast of Purim and Hanukkah.

For November 1-Meet the Odd Couple: A Jew and a Christian

who changed world history.


Evening Courses: 7-9 pm

Monday Evening

(    ) Historical Study:

America's Providential History (12 weeks)

Begins September 5-November 14 Cost is $200 includes textbook and handouts

We will examine the history of America from a Christian perspective.  Since God is the author of History

and He is carrying out His plan in the earth, through history any view of the history of America, or any country

that ignores God is not true history.  Most Americans today, including most Christians, have a

humanistic, man-centered worldview.  To see Godly change in America we must RENEW our MINDS

to view the world from God's perspective as revealed in the Bible--we must infuse the Faith of our Forefathers into 

the life of our country.  As Benjamin Franklin, one of our founders said, "He who shall 

introduce into public affairs the principles of primitive Christianity shall change the face of the world"

Join us in an EXCITING STUDY which will include reading, dvd video lesson, along with class discussion.

Those who have taken this class give it A+ Rating!

Weekly Class Schedule:

September 5

 Viewing of DVD Why History Matters, Take Back America and reviewing of the weeks before us.

For September 12

 Read Chapter 1 God's Plan for the Nations and Chapter 2 Providential Geography in APH, and History of William Penn and Chapter 1 What it takes to be a real Christian in No Cross-No Crown, 

For September 19

 Read Chapter 3 The Chain of Liberty Origins and Chapter 4 Chain of Liberty Development in APH, Chapter 2 Keep on Following Christ in No Cross-No Crown,

For September 26

 Read Chapter 5 Chain of Liberty Preparation for America

 Chapter 6 The Pilgrims: A Model of Christian Character in APH, and Chapter 3 Is it your cross in No Cross-No Crown.

For October 3

 Read Chapter 7 The Colonies:  Seeds of a Nation Chapter 8 Education in America: How the principles are planted in APH and Chapter 4 Worshiping God in No Cross-No Crown.

For October 10

 Read Chapter 9 The Church and Clergy in the cultivation of Liberty and Chapter 10 The American Christian Revolution, and Chapter5 A New Attitude in No Cross-No Crown.

For October 17

 Read Chapter 11 How God defends Christian Liberty

 Chapter 12 The Power behind the American Republic in APH,
and Chapter 6 The Wrong kind of pride in No Cross-No Crown.

For October 24

 Read Chapter 13 The Christian form of our Government

and Chapter 14 Christian principles of Economics in APH, and Chapter 7 Humility vs Pride in No Cross-No Crown.

For October 31

 Read Chapter 15 Christian principles of foreign affairs

and Chapter 16 The War for Union in APH, and Chapter 8 the characteristics of Pride in No Cross-No Crown. 

For November 7

 Read Chapter 17 The American Apostasy and Decline

and Chapter 18 The Power for Reforming America in APH, and Chapter 9 Covetousness in No Cross-No Crown.

For November 14

 Read Conclusion: The Seven Principles of Liberty in APH

and Chapter 10 Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, Chapter 11 You and the world, 

and Chapter 12 Leaving Babylon Behind in No Cross-No Crown


Tuesday Evening

(     )  Biblical Literature: 

Old Testament Studies: Early Israelite History : Joshua, Judges, Ruth

Instructor: Dr. Kenneth R. Gibson

Contact Information: (717) 968-5521 or [email protected]

Class Meetings: Monday 7-9pm

Required Texts:

Good study Bible, provided will be Through the Bible workbook by Mark & Patti Vierkleur,

OT 102 Lecture Notes 

Course Objectives: (1) As a whole: To bring each student, the basic introductory and skeletal information concerning the spiritual message, the prominent people and the historical events of Old Testament times. (2) As a section: To view how the various sections of the Old Testament relate to and compliment each other clarifying God’s message. (3) As individual books: to help the student become sufficiently familiar with each Old Testament book so that this message is identified and clearly brought into focus. (4) Geographically: to unfold the actions of God at work in the world in the proper geographical setting. (5) Chronologically: to help the student understand the order of events in the Old Testament, (6) Theologically: to unfold God’s systematic preparation of the Jews and the world for the work of Christ, and (7) Personalities: to introduce the major persons in the Old Testament and their unique role in the political and spiritual history of the major persons in the Old Testament and their unique role in the political and spiritual history o the major persons in the Old Testament and their unique role in the political and spiritual history of Israel. 

Course Description: In this course, Early Israelite History (OT102) we will study the people, places and events involved in the initial establishment of the nation of Israel. This is the second course in the Old Testament Study Series, covering the books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth.

We begin our study of the early stages of Israelite history with Joshua and the children of Israel as they are poised to finally enter and take possession of Canaan, the land that God promised their ancestors years before. The significance of the Israelites finally beginning the conquest of the Promised Land can best be understood by reviewing their history and the events that brought them to the Jordan River opposite Jericho. How did they get to this point? What were there expectations as they looked over the Jordan River into the Promised Land? The beginning of their story is contained in the Pentateuch (OT101.

The book of Joshua begins the second division of the Old Testament, the books of history. This book continues from where Deuteronomy leaves off—a continuation of the history of God’s chosen people. In its pages we discover the story of Joshua, a new leader of the children of Israel and their conquest of Canaan, the land God promised Abraham and his descendants in Genesis 12:1-3. God had given the Israelites the land, now they were to go and possess it.

The book of Judges covers the time in Israel-s history from the death of their leader, Joshua, until the ascension of King Saul. The book covers the settling of the Promised Land and the attempts of the Israelites to drive out or subdue the remaining idolatrous inhabitants. During this 350-year period there was NO KING and “every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” The people were ruled by a series of Judges whom God raised up in times of desperate need. 

The book of Judges covers the time in Israel-s history from the death of their leader, Joshua, until the ascension of King Saul. The book covers the settling of the Promised Land and the attempts of the Israelites to drive out or subdue the remaining idolatrous inhabitants. During this 350-year period there was NO KING and “every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” The people were ruled by a series of Judges whom God raised up in times of desperate need. The pages of the book of Judges reveal the downward spiral of the nation of Israel through repeating cycles of sin, captivity and deliverance. In each successive stage of sin and deliverance we see great exploits performed by remarkably different people and methods of deliverance. For us, the story of each judge brings new understanding of God’s character and love for His people, and new insights for our own personal spiritual growth.

The book of Ruth provides another view of life in Israel during the time of the Judges. This short book is a beautiful love story between Ruth, a Moabite widow, and Boaz, the son of Rahab the harlot of Jericho. Through its pages we learn much of God’s redemptive love for both the Israelites and the Gentiles who give their lives wholly into His hands. This is the story of the family from whom King David would come and who would be in the lineage of our Savior Jesus!

Recommended Study Helps:


Bible Dictionary

Topical Index

Bible Atlas

Dictionary of Theology

(Most of these recommend resources will be in the library for your use)

Please do not check these out, but you may use them in the library room.


Keep these always before you!

Weekly Course Schedule:

September 10 Introduction to the Books of Early Israelite History

September 17 Readings: Background on Joshua 1-4 Chapter Titles

Complete Take Home Exam 

September 24 Bible Readings: Joshua 6- 10 Chapter Titles

Complete Take Home Exam 

October 1 Bible Readings: Joshua 11-15 Chapter titles

Complete Take-Home Exam 

October 9 Bible Readings: Joshua 16-20 Chapter titles

Complete Take Home Exam 

October 16 Bible Readings: Joshua 21-24

Complete Take Home Exam 

October 23 Bible Readings: Background on the book of Judges

Judges 1-3 Chapter Titles

Complete Take Home Exam

October 30 Bible Readings Judges 4-8 Chapter Titles

Complete Take Home Exam

November 5 Bible Readings Judges 9-13 Chapter Titles

Complete Take Home Exam

November 12 Bible Readings Ruth 1-4 Chapter Titles 

Complete Take Home Exam


Thursday Evening:
  Course Offered: Communion with God (4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice)

Instructor: Dr. Kenneth R. Gibson

Contact Information: (717) 968=5521 or [email protected],

Class meeting time: Thursday evenings 7-9pm (A minimum of 6 people must be registered for this course to be offered either time)

Required Textbooks: A good study Bible, a journal book, The 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice, Talking with Jesus by Evelyn Klumpenhouwer will be provide to you upon registration of the class.

Course Description: Have you ever wished you could sit down and have a long talk with the Lord?  When you're worried or confused, wouldn't you love to see the situation from His perspective and hear how He wants you to respond?  Now you can, this course will help you discern the voice of the Lord within your heart, clearly and consistently, leading to a deeper intimacy with Him as well as greater faith, hope and joy.  Your life will be transformed!  Guaranteed!

Course Objective: You will discover the revelatory use of vision and journaling as part of hearing God’s voice. Students record what God is speaking to them each day.

Weekly Schedule

September 6  Introduction to the course

September 13 Overview of the 4 Keys to hearing God's Voice

September 20 A cultural backdrop for hearing God's Voice

September 27 Spiritual Intimacy-The desire of God's Heart

October 4 Key 1: Recognize God's Voice as Spontaneous Thoughts

October 11 How to instantly remove all idols from your heart

October 18 Key #2: Become Still in God's presence

October 25 Key #3 looks for Vision as you pray

November 1 How to restore your Visionary capacity

November 8 Key #4 Two-Way Journaling

November 15The Tabernacle Experience


Grading Scale: 

Attendance/Participation, Take Home Exams, Class Participation, Homework assignments and a five page response paper are required for this course

Cost for the 11 Week Course which includes textbook is $200 which includes books and handouts.  

Registration deadline is August 31

A certificate will be awarded at the completion of the course. A must course if you are seeking credit transfer to Christian Leadership University for degree work.


   Please print this page to complete and mail to:  Keystone Bible Institute, 456 Appaloosa Way, Red Lion, Pa. 17356    Full payment upon registration is required.