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Keystone Bible Institute

2019 Registration- Winter Courses

(Two Campus-Six Courses)

Monday Evenings 7-9 pm
January 6-March 30, 2019

Counseled by God

This Christian Leadership University course will train you in a form of Christian counseling that begins and ends with the movement of Christ, rather than simply with the words of man. It is built on the ability to commune with God and to receive a freshly spoken word from the Holy Spirit in your heart. You will learn the way to emotional wholeness through personal interaction with Almighty God within your spirit as it is recorded in your journal. Cost of $100 plus books and handout resources.

*Tuesday Morning, 10am-Noon

January 7-March 31, 2019

Exploring the Jewish Roots to Christianity

This course will explore the connection of the Christian faith to that of Israel. Topics include: The Torah, Covenants, Feasts, Secret of the Hebrew Language, Prophetic names, marking your house, health and prosperity secrets, and more. Cost of $100 plus the cost of handouts (approx. $10).

Tuesday Evening, 7-9 pm

January 7-March 31, 2019

Biblical Literature: The Kingdom Period

A chapter by chapter study of the books of I & II Samuel, I & II Kings, and I & II Chronicles. Cost $100 plus the cost of book and handouts. (Approx. $15).

 Wednesday Evening 7-8:30 pm
January 7-March 31, 2019

Hearing God Through Your Dreams

In this Christian Leadership University course, Psalms declare that God counsels us at night through our dreams (Ps. 16:7). Dreams are also a form of meditation that can move scriptural truth from our heads to our hearts. In this course we will study the 50 dreams of the Bible; not only seeing how God interprets them but also learning how God is speaking to you through your dreams. Cost of $100 plus books and handout resources.

*Thursday Morning, 10 am – Noon

January 9-March 26, 2019

Foundations in Apologetics

This course has been designed for the beginner and introduces a comprehensive range of apologetic arguments and strategies. You will become adept at recognizing the many worldviews influencing our culture and become equipped to challenge the assumptions of these worldviews. Cost $100 plus the cost of handout resources, $10.

Thursday Evening 6-8pm

January 10-February 28, 2019

The Master’s Plan of Evangelism

Students will learn how to apply the principles of sharing their faith simply, effectively, and biblically—the way of the Master—the way Jesus did. The training primarily addresses the person’s conscience (the place of the knowledge of right and wrong) rather than the intellect (the place of arguments). Cost is $100 plus cost of book.

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The Campus located at:
Pathway Community Church
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AT: Home of Ken & Wanda Gibson

456 Appaloosa Way, Red Lion, Pa.

NOTE: Please arrive 10 minutes before each scheduled class! Class Cancellation will be via:

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You may choose to audit the class or take it for college credit.

Audit is the same price and is for those persons who are interested in expanding their knowledge but do not want credit, so they would be exempt from any homework and tests.

Credit is for those persons desiring to earn college credit via: Christian Leadership University, all homework assignments and tests are required.

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 ____ Exploring the Jewish Roots to Christianity 

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_____ Foundations in Apologetics 

_____ The Master’s Plan of Evangelism 

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   Please print this page to complete and mail to:  Keystone Bible Institute, 456 Appaloosa Way, Red Lion, Pa. 17356    Full payment upon registration is required, book fee and resource fee can be paid first class session.