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We are excited that you are considering Keystone Bible Institute (KBI) to further your training in a global environment in which the church of Jesus Christ is committed. Go into ALL THE WORLD, preaching , teaching, discipling and baptizing. We want to help you do just that!

KBI is committed to seeing you develop into a dynamic disciple of Jesus who is equipped to accomplish what God has called you to do. Whether you are called into being a marketplace minister, stay at home mom, missionary, or servant in the local congregation as a volunteer or paid staff position, this school is seriously FOR YOU!


Our training is structured around you and uniquely scheduled so that you can work a full-time job and be a part-time student. KBI offers each class at an affordable price. KBI is a different kind of school, we seek to be Revelation based (Hebrew style) rather than just informational Greek Style base school. Courses are structured to engage both sides of the hemisphere of your brain, left and right, as God created us in that manner. It is a place where you will be able to thrive in your learning experience.

Please feel free to contact the office of KBI if you have any questions regarding classes, costs and admissions at (717) 968-5521 or email us at Better yet, call and set up a time to visit one of our classes in session, and see for yourself that this is the place where God wants you to be equipped for ministry. Keystone Bible is a place to learn how to live all of life from the flow of the Spirit and personal encounters with the Word of God.

KBI is a Non-Denominational educational religious training center. The KBI campus is located at the Upper Room Missionary Church, 1401 Williams Road, East York.  We offer day/evening classes. We welcome you as you journey through life with us.



Dr. Kenneth R. Gibson




                           KEYSTONE WEST YORK LOCATION                                                                          KEYSTONE EAST YORK LOCATION

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